城墙 · 微计划 | 西安城墙系统升级基础设施设计研究 BETWEEN PAST AND FUTURE


主持设计:王剑峰,Viola Mariachiara

项目地点: 西安



Ongoing Research Projects

Chief Architect /  Wang Jianfeng, Viola Mariachiara

Location / Xi'an

Time / 2013-2014

Scale / Southeast segment



/ 50年代城市空间 /  / Urban space in 1950s /



/ 自西直门城楼拆除到都市现状 /  / From xizhimen tower demolition to urban status /



/ 当代继续拆迁与同步复古竞赛 /  / Contemporary demolition and synchronized retro competition /


也许只有承认了"暂时摒弃历史的 / 当代的"设想,西安城墙才可以改变它的尴尬局面: 

本来城墙自身的形式决定了它是城市中具有推进作用的经久建筑物( 梁思成设想的北京城墙公园早已证实了这一点),而它现在呈现出的状态却是变态的经久物,像意大利Palmanova 城的军事城墙和格拉那达的阿尔罕布拉宫,是一个博物馆。事实上,这个局面不仅限于城墙,在中国,这是一个普遍现象。造成这个现象的根本原因不是城墙或其它历史建筑本身的问题,而是它们所在的城市。大城市问题、决策者的意识、政治的选择都会使经久性建筑在功能上产生相对的畸变( 形式并没有改变) 或者直接地毁灭; 当然,这些因素同样会使经久性建筑合乎特性的合理地发展。墨索里尼对于罗马的迷恋,致使意大利其它古城纷纷效仿般的整体保留的现象,就体现了这一点。因此,试图通过主要研究城墙或其它古建筑自身的特征来使它们持续生长的方法是无效的,"遗产保护者们"多次失败的城墙改造计划就是最好的证明。 



 因此,选择西安城墙的局部片断( 东南部片段),在可控的范围内,从微观的角度研究它转化演变的经久性,也许是一种有意义的方式。 

Perhaps only by acknowledging the "temporary rejection of historical/contemporary" assumptions can the city wall change its awkward situation:
Originally the wall itself determines it is in the form of buildings in the city has a promoting role (liang sicheng's vision of a Beijing city wall park has confirmed this), but it presents the state of the abnormal condition of durable, like Italy's military Palmanova city walls and granite that reaches the alhambra, is a museum. In fact, the situation is not limited to the city wall, which is a common phenomenon in China. The root cause of this phenomenon is not the walls or other historical buildings themselves, but the city they are in. The problems of big cities, the consciousness of decision makers, and the choice of politics all lead to the relative distortion (the form is not changed) or direct destruction of the durable buildings. Of course, these factors will also make the development of durable buildings in accordance with their characteristics. This is reflected in Mussolini's infatuation with Rome, which led other Italian cities to follow suit. As a result, attempts to make walls or other ancient buildings grow sustainably by focusing on their own characteristics are ineffective, as evidenced by the oft-failed wall restoration project of the preservationists.

Discussing the problems in urban development is a prerequisite and key to discuss the problem of durable construction. This means that durable buildings, especially those historic buildings that have their own plan meanings, can only be truly regenerated and be in constant dynamics until the problem of a city has been solved.

The dramatic process from the core idea of China's excellent urban planning embodied in the close relationship between Tang Chang'an and Bianliang and Capital of Yuan dynasties, to the serious cultural urban problems and architectural defects brought about by the robust and familiar development patterns of Xi'an, Kaifeng and Beijing, shows us the abnormality of chinese urban universality. 

Therefore, we choose the local wall of Xi'an wall (southeast segment), in our controllable range, to study the durability of the evaolution by thinking microscopically.  



局部研究片段  Partial study fragment



点状基础设施分布图  Dot infrastructure map

 皮影戏  材料的组成的想法来自于传统的皮影戏。 塔内不同的人,随着阴影的不同特性,在塔的表面上产生自己的阴影,并自然地向外面的观众展示他们不同的生活故事。

The Chinese shadow play   The idea of the composition of the materials comes from the traditional shadow play. The different people inside the tower, as the different characters of the shadow play, are born their shadows on the surface of the tower and naturally show their different stories of life to people outside like the audience.


© 王剑峰草图

概念构想(王剑峰 绘)  Conceptual conception (by Wang Jianfeng)